Hebrew display problem
  • Hi,

    I'm having problem using data fields in Hebrew. When writing text it's seems right but after saving (new contact for example) text is displayed as long strings of "&#XXXX;&#XXXX;&#XXXX;&#XXXX;&#XXXX;
    Where XXXX=numbers.

    Probably Hebrew encoding is wrong. Tried to set up browser encoding in several Hebrew modes - nothing works and text is displayed as long strings and not readable.
    Vtiger is installed on 2000 server. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Guy.
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  • guy,

    you have to change the charset encoding for the language to "hebrew-1225".

    i've a patch for this anyway.

    im or email me if you have any question



  • hi,

    thanks for your interest in vtigercrm.

    edit the config.php file present parallel to index.php in the vtigercrm home directory and specify the following value for default_charset variable:

    $default_charset = 'utf-8';

    hope this helps you. kindly contact us for any further clarifications.

    thanks & regards,
  • just for the record: the utf-8 solution works for vtiger version 5 as well.

    the value should be:
    $default_charset = 'utf-8';

    and in

    good luck!