delete all contacts
  • Hi,

    I'd would like to know how delete all contacts on Vtiger, because, we can delete only 20 per 20 contacts, but, I've 4000 contacts.
    Maybe, I can delete immediately on the file configuration but I don't know where it is...


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  • hi bruno,

    to delete all the contacts from vtiger crm you can try this sql
    update vtiger_crmentity set deleted=1 where setype='contacts';

    vtiger team
  • i thought about it but i don't know where i can do sql request on vtiger. when i launch the sqlmanager.exe on "\program files\vtigercrm5\mysql\bin", it appears a command prompt but i can't do anything...
    i've installed apache and mysql included on vtiger.
  • hi bruno,

    go to c:\program files\vtigercrm5\mysql\bin and at the comman prompt run the mysql command as follows :-

    c:\program files\vtigercrm5\mysql\bin> mysql -u username -p 3307 -p

    3307 with the port number that your mysql is using if it is not 3307.
    username with your mysql username used during setup.