FREE vtiger Payment Module
  • SaleManager Merchant Services is offering our vtiger CRM payment module FREE to the vtiger community.


    * Supports vtiger CRM 5.1.0
    * PCI Compliant
    * Supports vtiger library (no modifications to core files)
    * Support for Recurring Billing. Now merchants can link a customer payment to one or multiple recurring billing plans
    * Support for Customer Vault™. Customer Vault™ is our PCI Compliant Customer Data Storage Service
    * Automatic Pre-fill of Billing Information (Account and Contact Record)
    * Accept All Major Credit Cards
    * Accept Electronic Checks (US and Canada Merchants only)
    * Link a Payments to an Account, Contact or Invoice Record
    * View Payment History
    * Native Support for the Planetauthorize Payment Gateway
    * Multi Currency Support (GBP, EUR, USD, CAD)
    * Merchant Accounts issued in over 50 countries

    To take advantage of this offer merchants must have an active Planetauthorize Payment Gateway account. For more information visit or ... Itemid=179