Assign accounts to other users when set to private
  • Hi,

    is it possible to change the owner (through "assign to") of an account, when the account settings are set to private (so that everyone can only see the accounts that are assigned to them).
    I can only change it to myself or a group that I am in, but I would like to be able to change it to someone else or a group that I am not a part of.

    For example: When I am in sales and I create an account, I want to assign it to someone from marketing. That person from marketing would then have to add several potentials and documents and assign it back to me (or sales group)...
    This works like a charm when the accounts are set to public, but I can't assign accounts to someone else when they are set to private.

    Anyone know a solution for this?

    thx in advance!
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  • afaik this can't be done. the way the system is you can only assign to users and groups you have access to.

    if you need to share accounts between users they have to be in the same group and the users that has the account must assign it to the group so the other can take control.

    obviously you can modify the code if you need specific functionality.

  • hi jeroen,

    if you will edit the profile and will make view all and edit all as true(or checked) then user related to that profile can able to view and edit any record in the crm irrespective of its role hierarchy and sharing access rule.

    user also can able to assign the records to any other user or any other group

    hope the information will help you.
  • have a look here

    same problem directing me to your post.
  • sorry wasn't meant to give solution but to remind others that i too facing sth similar :)