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  • Is it possible for some developers to create a tool for creating a new basic module in vtiger. I see that vlib is a supposed tool for doing this it would appear that one needs to be well versed in coding/programing etc to actually use it.
    Isn't it possible to have something for admin user to create a new module simply by clicking on say an icon 'Create Mod' 'Create Mod Title' 'Relate to'
    Create Feilds' etc etc. Most CRM systems seem to have this functionality, however vtiger seems to require a programming degree. Just look at the mannual for vtiger- Step 1 Create module-Name. For someone like myself who is not used to finding and editing php files etc on the server, where do we start. We start by having to pay a programmer or developer. I am currently in need of 4 new modules all of which are pretty much identicial apart from the module name. What I have been quoted to have this done defeats the purpose of using this opensource software. Would be better off using sugar where I can create the new module in a couple of clicks and paying their monthly fee. Surely a simple non-programmer user friendly interface for creating a new module would put vtiger on a par with the competition. I am personally willing to make a donation to anyone that deliver on this. Also if anyone knows of a dummies guide to vlib would be interested in this. The current user mannual assumes a level of code/programme knowledge beyond all business people that have limited or no backend web experience.
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  • hi,
    i thought about developing a "module workbench" based on the vtlib (designed it already roughly).
    reason: even with dev experience it is a mess when you need to create fields and modules frequently.
    therefore such a workbench would ease any work on vtiger a lot!
    but the way vtlib is designed i always thought such a workbench would be part of one of the next vtiger versions... any comments about that from the vtiger guys?

  • i second this. i've been posting this for years; and its such an essential tool for vtiger as its all about tracking information. it doesn't need to be overly complicated as you say; use the existing layout editor, as the foundation is all there...

    and i truly do not believe that this would eliminate the need for custom programming as there will always be more advanced features needed. if this feature existed there could be so many modules that make vtiger fit any business model.

    what needs to happen to make this actually happen? what kind of funding must be gathered in order to make this happen and really make vtiger move ahead as a leading open source business platform?
  • hey vtiger, any responses to this question?

    we've created modules in sugar as well and want to move over to vtiger but now need to figure out vtlib to recreate the modules.

    creating new blocks and fields in existing modules is great but being able to go one step further would be much better. we need the blocks as modules.

    likewise, being able to add existing fields from one module to another would also be good so information entry wouldn't have to be duplicated.

    i agree this would raise the bar as most other systems permit you to do this.
  • well i did not try it before
  • i'm looking for exactly this.

    i had four modules created 12 months ago by a freelance vtiger programmer and they work just fine.

    what i would like to do is have the tools available to do the job myself.

    i pulled all my hair out trying to make sense of how to use vtlib.

    no-one was either willing or able to get me started.

    at that point i got some developer help. however the demand is still there for a number of my projects.

    more power to the workbench.

  • i would also love to see this. i have tried to create a new module using the vtlib manual, but like others have said before me, its not easy to follow. is there such a thing as a dummies version? a workbench as described above would be absolutely ideal!
  • ok, here we go:

    we have already a prototype running for our development systems on vtiger 5.1.
    this prototype needs to be ported to 5.2.1 as well as additional development to make it really usable.
    we have no development capacities until the end of february.

    after february we could start with this, assuming that the development costs could be covered (at least partly) by bounty.

    i propose the following schedule:

    version 1 (creating modules in database via workbench, feasible 2 weeks after kick-off):
    - workbench module, accessible under settings->settings (in the studio row)
    - features accessible via ui:
    - create module (select parent menu via dropdown)
    - create block
    - create field (all field types mapped to strings and selectable via dropdown)
    - create related list
    - create entity identifier
    - create event hanlder
    - create filter
    - create link
    - no source code handling
    - no update function besides the typeofdata (mandatory or optional) values
    - languages: english and german

    version 2 (handle source code, feasible 4 weeks after version 1):
    - generate all necessary module source code according to the created database metadata
    - configure certain things in <modulename>.php without coding (e.g. fields in listview to link to detailview)
    - maintain beforesave and aftersave handler source code within the workbench

    version 3 (update of everything, feasible 4 weeks after version 2):
    - update field and block data
    - update, delete related lists
    - update, delete entity identifier
    - update, delete default filter
    - update, delete links
    - update (re-generate) according source code
    - delete of blocks, fields and modules

    version 4 (modification and transport system feasible 4 weeks after version 3):
    have you ever thought about how to move your module data from your development system to your consolidation and live systems?
    source code can be handled via svn, but the database stuff?
    therefor we also prototyped a modification and transport system.
    transport files (xml based) are written in the export step in the dev system.
    transport files then have to be checked into svn and moved to consolidation and/or live system.
    there the import step will be performed in the workbench to move the module data to the database.
    initial import and delta import (for ongoing development) of all database elements of a module.

    please, if interested in this project, make some suggestions with regards to bounty amount and license proposals.

    if there is huge interest, we also might consider setting up a demo system with the current prototype for you to check in advance.

    kind regards
  • hi cj911,

    i've already pm'ed you the link for viewing my created custom module creator/editor built on top of vtlib. please give me then your feedback.
    thanks and best regards,

    joey magsino
  • i am interested in this. have you made any progress on this?

  • we have already a prototype running for our development systems on vtiger 5.1.
  • can anyone help me please with the guidance as to how to attach a link from the accounts module records to the project modules?

    i have created a project modules and attached a link to the accounts record. now when i am attaching a link to the accounts record then can it be automatically be attached in the accounts record also so that a user can navigate to the related project record from accounts record also?

    thanks in advance
  • any updates on this? i'd make my life much easier which is exactly why you geniuses exist, right?

  • now when i am attaching a link to the accounts record then can it be automatically be attached in the accounts record also so that a user can navigate to the related project record from accounts record also?
  • hi all,

    we are using the module creator internally.
    we call it vtiger workbench.
    what is still missing is the code generation (currently it is only used to create and extend database models, so to say a wrapper around vtlib).
    also it would be necessary to put some effort into modularization to make it usable in other vtiger installations.

    i am still looking for some bounty capital to realize all this, any volunteers?

    kind regards
  • hello all,
    i hope that you have been following the developments of vtdziner series at

    there is a menu dziner, module dziner, relation dziner and a layout dziner. the modules are open source. please pm or skype me if you need any help or support.

    we can assist vtiger crm users in customisation and optimisations.

  • hi

    greetings from vtigress team

    as you have welcomed vtdziner 1.2 and felt the need for upgrading it to support vtiger 540, we have made it compatible to support vtiger 5.4.0

    presenting vtdziner 540 for vtiger 5.4.0

    please check back here or for more details
    you can also email for inquiries

    best regards
    vtigress team
    skype id:vtigress_for_vtiger
    forum id:vtigress
  • hi @stprazad,
    what happened to i'm currently viewing the freepbx settings and admin side without worries. i can infact messed-up with the pbx setup you have.

    i think this is just an error or overlook on the people around you. please correct it maybe. i'm trying to look at the vtdesigner though.
  • hey guys,

    we just release extension for vtigercrm - module and relations creator.

    this module allows you to create your own modules and relations in vtiger system without knowing the code.

    it's commercial - 99$
    for more information of help contact us -

    here is some images :
  • hi folks,
    we have improved the vtdziner and made it compatible with 5.4.0

    please visit for a demo and features list.