How to change the response email configuration for PORTALURL
  • Namaste All

    Iam able to setup customer portal proprly with my vtiger CRM hassle free but whenever i create a contact the contacts gets an email with a wrong customer URL

    I have changed the portal config in cutomer portal module for server and authentication path and when i see the vtiger help the answer to my question is not validiam unable to do so , please help where to save the path for EMAIL RESPONSE
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  • you also need to include your correct path in the
  • you need edit the file in your vtiger root near the line 31 you will see:

    // url for customer portal (example:
    $portal_url = 'http://mydomain/customerportal';

    your domain is where the instance is
    customerportal is the name of the directory of the customer portal inside the root