Problem with create new user under admin function
  • Hi,
    I found there is one problem you may want to solve it asap because of the same case works fine in SugarCRM.
    When I goto Admin function to create new user, if I pickup the 'Reports to', Save the entry, it will redirect me to login page. for the case leave 'Reports to' empty will work fine.

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  • are you still getting this problem?

    it seems to work fine for me... mayve try a fresh install if it's still happening?
  • yes, i tried fresh re-install again, the problem is still happening! i would like see more profressional work over here since this is build on top of the sugarcrm, should not bring new bugs not in there but in here!
  • hi,
    i've solved that problem by commenting "window.onunload=logout" in index.php. so far it seems working fine now.

    today i saw the new sugarsales2.0, there are 3 features it seems very important for crm but it is no longer open source, such as 'calendar, team sale with data security and quotes, i wish vtiger can fill in this gap to make the crm is truely open source, this is the value that vtiger can bring to the community.

    thanks for your good work, looking for your next release.

    best wishes, :)