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  • I changed the admin username to another one, but when I go to login, it says invalid username or password. I checked in the database, and indeed the username has been changed, so i guess the password is just wrong??

    1) why would this happen and
    2) How do I reset the admin password? is it just an MD5?

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  • i am having the same problem. i was able to log in the first time after installation, u:admin, p:admin and went in and edited the admin info to a new username and password. i saved all that info. i logged out, and back on, but it says my password is now wrong. were you ever able to figure out how to retrieve the password? can i use phpmyadmin, and go into the db and md5hash a new password (sic on the md5hash : )

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    as of now, "admin" is the default user name that should not be modified by any user. if you change the "admin" user name, it will not allow you to log in next time with new login details. you can change the password for the "admin" user. there is no issue in this regard.

    first go to your phpmyadmin and change the existing user name to "admin" and follow the procedure given in the following wiki topic: ... %26_tricks

    please get back to us if you need any further clarifications.

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