• Hi,

    I wanted to know if I can host this application on my webserver so I can access the CRM from anywhere? If yes how can I upload it on my server. My server supports PHP and mySQL.


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  • dear sir,

    installing vtiger crm using the installer will install

    php 4.3.8
    gd 2.0.28
    apache 2.0.50
    mysql 4.0.20

    if apache, mysql and php is already installed in your pc, check for gd libraries. if gd is present then
    1. unzip the vtiger crm source.zip in your apache document root.
    2. in mysql, create a database named vtigercrm.
    3. if vtiger version is 2.1 or 3.0 beta populate the mysql and apache parameters in connection.php.
    in this case in connection.php the value for mysql_bundled and apache_bundled will be 'false'.
    4. from the browser access the index.php.

    hope this helps in setting up vtiger in your server.

    thanks & regards
  • dear sir,

    kindly note that vtiger crm does not support php 5.0.

    thanks & regards
  • hi there,

    i am upgrading from 3.0b to 3.0 and was wondering if this will involve the same process. i am installing on a virtual host on which i do not have shell access.

    if i simply copy the source files and overwrite the ones there currently will this work? i have data stored that i wish to keep intact in the current installation.

    thanks for your help,

  • just an update, i copied the source files over as a fresh install and all went smoothly except i cannot load the application due to phpbb not being installed. how do i overcome this? i defined phpbb as not installed in the config file but it still tries to load.

    if i am to install the phpbb module how do i go about doing so and having the tables created in my vtiger database?

  • hi

    follow the steps given below to configure vtiger crm 3.0 if vtigercrm 3.0 source.zip is used instead of exe/bin:

    1. download the vtiger_crm_3_0_source.zip file from the following location:

    http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vtig ... p?download

    2. unzip the vtiger_crm_3_0_source.zip in the apache document root directory.

    3. download the messageboard-mysql-db.zip from the following location:

    http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vtig ... p?download

    4. unzip messageboard-mysql-db.zip. this contains mysql_schema.sql and mysql_basic.sql file.

    execute the above *.sql files to populate the message board (phpbb) data as given below:

    mysql --user=<mysql_username> --password=<mysql_password> --port=<mysql_port> -h <hostname> vtigercrm3_0 < mysql_schema.sql

    mysql --user=<mysql_username> --password=<mysql_password> --port=<mysql_port> -h <hostname> vtigercrm3_0 < mysql_basic.sql

    note: in the above commands the database name is vtigercrm3_0. if you want to use some other database, replace the database name in the above commands

    5. in connection.php file present under <vtiger crm home> directory, populate the values for the following variables:



    $mysql_username = 'root';
    $mysql_password = 'public';
    $mysql_port = '3306';
    $apache_port = '';

    6. the default database name is vtigercrm3_0. if you want to use some other database then modify the 2setconfig.php file present under <vtiger crm home>/install/ directory as given below in all the places.

    modify $db_name = 'vtigercrm3_0';


    $db_name = '<your database name>';

    7. to migrate database from the existing vtiger crm 2.1/3.0 beta to vtiger crm 3.0 follow the procedure given below:

    a)download migrate_2_1to3_0.sql file from

    http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vtig ... l?download

    b) execute migrate_2_1to3_0.sql file as given below:

    mysql --user=<mysql_username> --password=<mysql_password> --port=<mysql_port> -h <hostname> --force <database name> < migrate_2_1to3_0.sql

    c) execute the following command to populate the message board tab:

    mysql --user=<mysql_username> --password=<mysql_password> --port=<mysql_port> -h <hostname> <database name> -e "insert into tabmenu values('','messageboard',1,13,'messageboard','','',0)"

    hope this solves your problem

    thanks & regards
  • thank you very much. :)